Bees bees bees

Getting ready for the southern hemisphere spring and the swarming of the bees.

This seems to be my life:  handling bees ,removing unwanted bees, housing bees and dabbling with the products of the bee hive.

 Every spring it is almost like catching the bees’ own urges to swarm, to reinvigorate the hive, to prepare for action and to marvel at the wonder of the mysterious instincts of bees as they go about their business.

If you know something about bees you’d like to share, feel free to participate in this blog. I’ll waffle on about bees and the interesting things that can happen so hopefully we can share the marvel of honeybees.


Hello world!

Welcome to Bee Advice, a place that talks purely about bees , usually honeybees but not exclusively.

Bees have been kept by people in most countries over many thousands of years. The fact that honey and wax has been found in the pyramids shows that mankind has been fascinated by honeybees for a long time. Not only that but humans have used -some say exploited- them for the many products of the hive other than wax and honey. The most obvious products include honey and wax but there are many others including pollen, propolis and royal jelly . We can talk about the incredible contributions of honeybees to mankind in later posts.

What is happening recently in the bee keeping world is that older forms of bee hives or houses are now being discovered, experimented with and utilised. A kind of re thinking over the sole use of commercial hives that may be good for the beekeeper but not quite as good for the bees themselves.

I’m thinking of top-bar hives that simplify beekeeping ( and there are many examples)but there are other ways that people can keep bees.

Further discussion later. Bye for now


More on this topic later.