Top Bar Hives

Top Bar Hives seem to be all the rage for certain groups of people – maybe hobby farmers or concerned beekeepers that don’t appreciate the sheer commercialism of the Langstroth hive.

Truth is of course commercial beekeepers would not be happy trying to operate large numbers of top bar hives. It would be impractical.

But for amateurs who only keep one or a few hives, the bees and the owners could be very happy living and working around  top bar hives .

The bees would be freer and the owners reassured that they are doing their best to allow the bees to survive . Everyone can be mindful of their own priorities.

Bees can and do make use of any available space to build a home. They may prefer to build comb in a certain way in relation to entrances and ventilation but for the most part they are adaptable.

 Top Bar Hives are certainly worth trying though I’m not sure of the legality of some of them if the hive does not allow for inspection of the brood comb.   Departments of Agriculture will need to inspect for  certain diseases.

I’ll find out more about  legal aspects for later.

Places I’ve seen bees in apart from tree trunks and houses :

compost bins

reticulation valve boxes

spa housings



garden statues



Have a nice day

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