The Scouting and Roaming has Begun

No, these are not masonry bees
In Spring people will quite often have a visit from a few (or more) scouting bees.These bees are not aggressive and are simply looking for a new home. Of course, when they move in then they may become a problem as the sheer numbers of them can overwhelm you.

You may have from 2000 to 10 000 bees move into a part of your property such as a letter box , a cavity wall, a chimney, a rubbish bin, a roof, a shed ….whatever.

Once ensconced they will proceed to make themselves at home by building everything that they need. Remember, they have to start from scratch.
They arrived with nothing but a bellyful of honey and most importantly, a queen.
They have many older bees within the initial swarm . How do we know this? Did we take a census of the bees and ask them embarrassing questions such as “how old are you”? No, we simply know that bees have a metamorphosis and a life span that we’ve studied and know that it is the older bees which can :
a) fly
b) excrete wax
With these capabilities the bees can make wax cells , store their initial reserves of honey (if they have any) and crucially make cells usable by the queen to lay eggs. This is her job. She knows no other.
Later on we might discuss the types of queen and whether they are always fertile.
Bye for now 

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