Enormous Queen Bee Launches Attack

Today, a gigantic queen bee attacked an unsuspecting beekeeper who was  minding his own business. Whilst experts are not quite sure which particular species of bee this may be , they reason it must be a fertile queen on account of its size. The bee seemed to be trying to bite through the veil of the beekeepers hat and if it hadn’t been stopped in time, it could have inflicted enormous damage to the beekeepers ego.

As it was , the bee managed to use its sting on a number of occasions because queen bees have this capability without dying as a normal bee would. The bee’s sting seemed to be activated when the wheels went around.

Some people may say that this is fair retribution for the untold suffering the fraternity of beekeepers inflict on the average population of bees.

The bee was rehoused safely in its cardboard box and the beekeeper was able to resume his normal duties.

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