It’s Payback Time

Revenge of the bees takes many courses.

They sometimes crawl up your legs and impose their dislike on you. They have a certain way of drawing your attention to their plight. They say that if you just allow the bee the time and the space to withdraw their sting then it is possible for them to survive and carry on their bee work. I’ve tried this on many occasions , hoping that the doomed bee could extricate its sting without also losing the entire sac and bodily innards. I have to say that after many a scene of excruciating pain followed by gritted teeth as the stoicism is allowed to increase, finally the bee usually manages to pull its nether regions away no matter how long one waits. More likely, it is related to the depth of the sting as it is well known that the bee sting has a barb on the end.

So, a bee can get you even with bee veils on. Nothing like the sight of a beekeeper dancing around trying to prevent the bee/s stinging them under the veil. Sometimes you manage it, other times you don’t-it depends on the bees mood. Generally if a bee is travelling towards you at high speed – you notice the thudding sounds as they attack-the likelihood is that you will be stung.

Don’t blame the bees . They’re just protecting their home. They deserve their revenge on occasions for the destruction we cause them in our global community.Don't Cry for me Argentina

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