The Bee’s Knees

Should you welcome the visiting scout bees or not?

Come home and find bees in the house and you may have to make a decision about what to do.

First of all , don’t panic, especially if it is only a few bees.

If it is still daytime when you arrive home and although the bees may be flying against the window, it doesn’t mean that the bees are coming through  the window. This is usually where they are not coming into the room/s.

Take a walk around your home and see if you can see where the bees seem to be congregating. Look at your eaves, your wall vents, your roof or your  chimney if you have one.

Occasionally you may arrive home and find your lounge room full of bees. In a case like this you may have had a swarm arrive at the top of your chimney and some or all of them may have lost their footing and fallen into the room. They will usually go straight to your window thinking they can fly out through that way. You may need help in that case. 

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