Jack and the Bee stalk

Jack and the bee stalk
Trying to save a swarm

This swarm was about 4 metres up the tree draped over intertwining branches of a bough.

Approaching the bees after trying to position the ladder, you get a first impression of the bees. Not ‘getting in their face’ or creating too much movement, the bees can be listened to and assessed as to their current nature. Too quick to fly at the veil and they could be very hungry bees that haven’t eaten for a number of days or they could be grumpy bees, that is , bees which will always be a little more aggressive than placid. The colour of bees may also indicate a nice species or otherwise,  but this is not always a totally reliable method.
It’s funny to see a swarm composed of different species , a result of multiple matings with different feral drone bees.

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