Paper Wasps are Beautiful


The paper wasp is a frequent visitor to many gardens here in Perth and in many cities around the world including those in the USA and South Africa.
Though their colour is a warning sign that the creature can sting, it is still possible to acknowledge the sheer beauty and elegance of this flying insect.
It is a social insect so we must marvel at the instinct it has to work in groups and to feed and raise the young in a multi-cellular nest that is very much like honeycomb-only made out of paper. This they get from the bark of trees from which they masticate it into a very fine paper construct.It’s hard to believe that the nest is started by the queen and it’s not until the first insects hatch out does she have any helpers. By the end of the warm season ( and they need the warmth to keep the brood warm)the nest can be up to the size of a dinner plate though usually smaller.

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