A Quick Way To Obtain A Swarm

A simple way to collect a swarm. If you’re nervous and the bees are strangers to you, you may want to wear protective clothing. Usually as a swarm the bees are at their most docile stage – though , not always.
I remember once when called in to remove what appeared to be a swarm sitting on a branch, I approached without any protective gear on. Once I shook them off the branch into a container , however, they attacked me and caused many a stinging reaction through the entire swarm.
The reason for this, I found out later was that they had been removed with an insecticide aerosol from a cupboard . Consequently, they were naturally upset with having been turfed out of their home without the opportunity to prepare for evacuation such as feeding on the available honey stores. No wonder they were upset. So, although it is true a swarm is usually docile, it pays to take precautions if you’re unsure where they came from.

Watching a Hive

This video is a bit long but shows how active a strong hive can get in the right season. I’d guess that the bees were on a feeding frenzy collecting a plentiful source of nectar. When this happens on a very warm day virtually every single flying bee is enrolled to collect this bounty. They could also be collecting water if the day is very warm and they need to cool down the hive.

A Look At Skep Beekeeping.

If you take a look at this video you’ll find a most interesting and timeless way of beekeeping.
There are detractors of course regarding this style of beekeeping: the most common being the issue of inspecting the brood comb for diseases. The issue of diseases though may be more applicable to the modern and commercial practices of today where intensive and constant movement of the bee hives may allow for a depletion of the health and stamina of the bees being manipulated.
Enjoy this video, anyway.